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Threads: The Fastest-Growing Social Media Platform in History


In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Meta's new social media platform, Threads, has taken the industry by storm. Since its launch, Threads has shattered records and gained a massive user base. This up-to-date guide provides valuable insights into the platform's user statistics and growth trends. Here, we delve into the remarkable journey of Threads, exploring its rapid rise and its place in the social media landscape.

Top Threads User Statistics

How Many Threads Users Are There?

Threads currently boasts an astounding 120 million users. To put this into perspective, within just one hour of its launch, Threads had already surpassed 1 million users. In a mere 2 days, it reached an impressive 70 million users. Notably, Kim Kardashian's account reigns supreme as the most-followed Threads account with 5.3 million followers.

Threads User Growth

According to the most recent data, Threads has amassed 120 million users, but it's important to note that growth has started to taper off. While it took the platform a mere 102 hours to reach 100 million users, in the 21 days following that milestone, it added only 20 million more. This indicates a slowdown in growth compared to the initial surge.

Threads' achievement of reaching 100 million users in just 4 days is remarkable. In comparison, ChatGPT, another online service, set a similar record, but it took them a significantly longer 2 months to reach the same milestone. The timeline of Threads' user growth is as follows:

Total Users Time Since Launch Date
1 million 1 hour July 6
2 million 2 hours July 6
5 million 4 hours July 6
10 million 7 hours July 6
30 million 1 day 10 hours July 7
70 million 2 days 10 hours July 8
100 million 4 days 6 hours July 10
114 million 11 days, 18 hours July 17
117 million 18 days, 3 hours July 24
120 million 21 days, 9 hours July 31

Sources: Quiver Quantitative, Mark Zuckerberg (Threads)

Threads User Activity

Threads experienced a spectacular surge in user activity shortly after its launch. On July 6, the day of its release, it reported a staggering 41.79 million daily active users. The following day, this number climbed to 49.3 million. However, the platform faced a sharp decline in user activity, dropping by 52% to 23.6 million daily active users on July 14.

As of July 24, Threads' user activity has dwindled even further, with only 13 million daily active users remaining—a decline of over 73% since its peak. Additionally, the time spent on the app has also plummeted. On July 7, users spent an average of 21 minutes daily on the app, but today, they only spend an average of 4 minutes. In contrast, Twitter boasts 200 million daily active users who spend an average of 31 minutes per day on the app.

Source: Similarweb

Most Followed Threads Accounts

Kim Kardashian has emerged as the most followed account on Threads, amassing an impressive following of 5.3 million since joining the platform. Here are the top ten most followed accounts on Threads as of now:

# Account Total Followers
1 Kim Kardashian 5.3 million
2 Kylie Jenner 5.1 million
3 Mr. Beast 4.8 million
4 Shakira 4.0 million
=5 Will Smith 3.9 million
=5 Jennifer Lopez 3.9 million
7 Chris Hemsworth 3.7 million
8 Khloe Kardashian 3.4 million
9 Mark Zuckerberg 3.1 million
10 Ellen DeGeneres 2.4 million

Source: USA Today


Threads' remarkable growth can be attributed in part to the massive user base of Instagram and Facebook. However, it's undeniable that Meta's venture into the realm of Twitter alternatives has been nothing short of impressive. While Threads' growth has slowed somewhat after breaking the 100 million user mark, it now faces the challenge of increasing user activity. For the latest updates on Threads' journey, stay tuned for weekly insights as we gather more data about the platform.

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