Most Followed Accounts on Social Media (Sept 2023)


Who Is The Most Followed Person On Social Media?

The most-followed person across all social media platforms is Cristiano Ronaldo, with a staggering 876 million total followers. Ronaldo's incredible online presence is primarily fueled by his immense Instagram following of approximately 600 million, coupled with 100 million followers on both Facebook and X.

Most Followed Accounts On TikTok

On TikTok, Khabane Lame takes the lead with over 150 million followers, followed closely by Charli D’Amelio, the only other TikToker with over 100 million followers. Notably, between July 2022 and July 2023, MrBeast more than doubled his followers from around 40 million to 85 million.

Most Followed Accounts On Instagram

Instagram's top spot belongs to Cristiano Ronaldo, with around 600 million followers. Following closely is another soccer star, Leo Messi, with over 480 million followers. Interestingly, 17 out of the top 20 Instagram accounts are centered around a single person.

Most Followed Accounts On Twitter (Now X)

On X, Elon Musk commands the most-followed account, accumulating over 30% of his 154.6 million followers since July 2022. However, 5 of the top 20 X accounts have experienced a net loss of followers between July 2022 and August 2023. Cristiano Ronaldo is the only athlete in the top 10, while Elon Musk is the sole business magnate.

Most Liked Pages On Facebook

Facebook's most liked pages differ significantly from other social media platforms. Cristiano Ronaldo continues his dominance as the most-liked person on Facebook, with well over 150 million likes. However, 13 of the top 20 pages do not feature on any other list.

Most Subscribed Channels On YouTube

YouTube's top channels are dominated by music and kids' content. T-Series holds the crown with around 250 million subscribers, significantly more than any other channel. Remarkably, only four channels are primarily based around a single individual.

Most Followed Accounts On Twitch

Ninja is the most-followed Twitch streamer, boasting nearly 20 million followers. Ninja initially rose to fame playing Fortnite and is rumored to be leaving the platform for a second time soon.

Most Followed Accounts On Threads

The Threads platform, launched in July 2023, is still finding its footing. Currently, Selena Gomez leads the way with just over 8 million followers, closely followed by Kim Kardashian. These numbers are expected to grow as the platform becomes more established.

Top Social Media Followings

Now, let's take a look at the top 5 most-followed individuals across all platforms:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo - Combined Social Media Followers: 876 million

    • TikTok Followers: -
    • Instagram Followers: 602 million
    • X Followers: 109 million
    • Facebook Followers: 165 million
    • YouTube Subscribers: -
    • Twitch Followers: -
    • Threads Followers: -
  2. Selena Gomez - Combined Social Media Followers: 685 million

    • TikTok Followers: 59.3 million
    • Instagram Followers: 428 million
    • X Followers: 66.6 million
    • Facebook Followers: 89 million
    • YouTube Subscribers: 33.9 million
    • Twitch Followers: -
    • Threads Followers: 8.2 million
  3. Justin Bieber - Combined Social Media Followers: 595.3 million

    • TikTok Followers: 26.8 million
    • Instagram Followers: 293.7 million
    • X Followers: 111 million
    • Facebook Followers: 92 million
    • YouTube Subscribers: 71.8 million
    • Twitch Followers: -
    • Threads Followers: -
  4. Taylor Swift - Combined Social Media Followers: 519 million

    • TikTok Followers: 21 million
    • Instagram Followers: 271 million
    • X Followers: 94.2 million
    • Facebook Followers: 79 million
    • YouTube Subscribers: 53.8 million
    • Twitch Followers: -
    • Threads Followers: -
  5. Ariana Grande - Combined Social Media Followers: 505.5 million

    • TikTok Followers: 32.7 million
    • Instagram Followers: 378 million
    • X Followers: -
    • Facebook Followers: 42 million
    • YouTube Subscribers: 52.8 million
    • Twitch Followers: -
    • Threads Followers: -

In conclusion, the most-followed social media personalities are typically well-established celebrities in the fields of music, sports, and entertainment. Instagram currently boasts the largest followings, while the newer platform Threads is still in the process of growing its user base. These statistics demonstrate the immense influence that these individuals wield on the digital stage.

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Note: All data is accurate as of the provided dates and may be subject to change.

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