21+ Retargeting Statistics and Trends (2023)

21+ Retargeting Statistics and Trends (2023)

The State of Retargeting: Key Statistics and Trends


In the digital marketing realm, retargeting, also known as remarketing, has emerged as a powerful tool for brands and marketers. It allows them to win back users' attention long after they've visited their websites. By employing user data, retargeting enables marketers to serve ads through various channels such as search engines, social media platforms, email, and mobile apps. This article explores the effectiveness of retargeting and how consumers perceive branded ads that follow them online.

Top Retargeting Statistics

Before delving into the details, let's look at some compelling retargeting statistics:

  1. The Global Retargeting Software Market: Predicted to reach a staggering $8.87 billion by 2029.
  2. Dedicated Retargeting Budget: One in five marketers now allocates budget specifically for retargeting.
  3. Social Media Dominance: A whopping 77% of marketers employ retargeting in Facebook and Instagram advertising.
  4. Cost Efficiency: Retargeted users are eight times cheaper to reach per click.
  5. AI Integration: An impressive 88% of businesses are using or planning to use AI to optimize their retargeting campaigns.
  6. Consumer Skepticism: Despite its effectiveness, 84% of users either ignore or are put off by retargeting ads.
  7. Post-Cookie Concerns: 53% of marketers express concerns about ad targeting's effectiveness in a post-cookie world.

The State Of Retargeting

In a shifting landscape where privacy laws have been fortified, and third-party cookies are being phased out, retargeting has adapted. Instead of abandoning this strategy, the industry has pivoted toward leveraging first-party user data to serve ads across various channels, making the retargeting industry healthier than ever.

The Market Growth

Marketers Embrace Retargeting

Retargeting Channels

Segment Differences

Why Retargeting Matters

Most marketers understand that potential customers often need multiple interactions with a brand before making a purchase decision. High cart abandonment rates underscore this challenge, with some industries experiencing rates as high as 98%.

Cart Abandonment Rates

The Power of Retargeting


Retargeting Goals And Challenges

While retargeting offers numerous benefits, it also presents challenges to marketers. Here's a closer look at these aspects:

Primary Objectives

Key Performance Indicators

Challenges Vary

The Post-Cookie Era

As web browsers and data privacy regulations evolve, marketers grapple with adapting their strategies to a world without third-party cookies.


App Retargeting Statistics

Mobile app retargeting is a critical aspect of the digital landscape, given the vast number of app downloads each year.

User Behavior

Industry Adoption

Retargeting Platforms And Technology

To execute effective retargeting campaigns, marketers rely on various platforms and technologies.

Top Platforms

Desired Features

Areas for Improvement

Consumer Perspectives

Consumers play a crucial role in the success of retargeting campaigns. Their

perception and comfort level with retargeted ads matter greatly.

Data Collection

Consumer Response

Concerns and Attitudes

Wrap Up

In conclusion, retargeting remains a vital strategy for marketers looking to strengthen their brands and improve conversions. However, it's essential to strike a balance and avoid overwhelming consumers with excessive ads across multiple channels. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, staying attuned to consumer preferences and privacy concerns is crucial for the success of retargeting campaigns.

For more in-depth insights into industry trends, explore the latest developments in personalization and advertising.

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