PitchBook vs. CrunchBase: Which Research Tools is Right for You?


PitchBook vs. CrunchBase: Which Research Tools is Right for You?

PitchBook: Unveiling the Power of Private Capital Insights

PitchBook Overview

PitchBook stands as a private capital market intelligence platform that serves as a goldmine of data, research, and news on venture capital, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). This comprehensive platform is tailored for investors, corporate development professionals, and market participants seeking to make well-informed investment decisions.

Key Features of PitchBook

Hard-to-Find Company Data and Analysis

PitchBook offers detailed profiles of private companies, encompassing financials, executive teams, investors, fund performance data, and more. Its robust set of tools allows users to access both public and private company information worldwide, spanning various industries. This feature facilitates specific data retrieval and side-by-side company comparisons, aiding investors in making informed decisions.

Deal Intelligence

PitchBook provides a wealth of data and analytics on past, current, and potential deals, including over 40,000 private market transactions from the past decade. Its advanced filtering system and keyword search tool enable users to swiftly narrow down results and save personalized watchlists for tracking deals and investors.

Comparisons Made Easy

The platform simplifies company comparisons, allowing users to instantly juxtapose data points of two companies. This feature aids in assessing how companies stack up against each other and facilitates data export for presentations.

Data Visualization

PitchBook empowers users to create informative charts, maps, and graphs with user-friendly data visualization tools. These visuals offer insights into trends, valuations, investor information, deal activity, and more.

Mobile Access

PitchBook's mobile app ensures data and tools are accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. Investors can gain quick insights on the go, access contact information, and sync their calendars for critical updates.

Custom Alerts

Custom alerts keep investors informed about events related to their areas of interest. Tailor alerts to receive information about companies, industries, and deals that matter to you.

Collaboration Tools

PitchBook streamlines collaboration by allowing users to share lists with collaborators directly on the platform. Real-time updates and permission settings enhance efficiency.

Research Center

PitchBook's Research Center is a treasure trove of private market research. It provides institutional-grade insights, benchmarking fund performance, and mapping company ecosystems, ensuring investors have a competitive edge.

Chrome Extension

The PitchBook Chrome Extension allows seamless access to data and analytics directly from your browser, simplifying information retrieval without switching between tabs.

Private Company Database

With over 220,000 private companies in its database, PitchBook empowers users to filter and segment based on funding history, financials, and more, aiding in discovering the next best investment opportunity.

PitchBook Reviews


Three Things People Like About PitchBook:

  1. Accuracy and Comprehensiveness of Data

    • Users praise PitchBook for providing extensive customer investment details, filling a void left by traditional financial service providers.
    • It's hailed as a thorough database with details on startups, financiers, and venture capital agreements.
    • Users appreciate its robust information system and comprehensive research on industry dynamics.
  2. Highly Informative Reports and Research

    • PitchBook frequently publishes informative reports, including in-depth analysis on the venture capital industry.
    • It aids users in research, data visualization, and understanding the VC/PE spaces and market dynamics.
  3. Private Market Details

    • PitchBook serves as a primary data provider for sourcing private market funds and essential investment screening, saving time and improving efficiency.

Two Things People Dislike About PitchBook:

  1. Out-of-Date, Incomplete Data

    • Some users note occasional errors or outdated data, particularly in contact information.
    • Users mention the need for additional investigation to confirm data accuracy.
  2. Learning Curve

    • The vast amount of data and complexity may present a learning curve for some users.

PitchBook Pricing

PitchBook's pricing is not public, and interested users are required to schedule a demo for detailed information. While some sources suggest pricing around $12,000 per year per seat, the exact plan details and commitments are not readily available.

CrunchBase: Uncovering Innovative Companies and Investments

CrunchBase Overview

CrunchBase is a versatile platform designed for discovering innovative companies, individuals, and investments across various business sectors. With detailed profiles on over 150 million organizations and insights into over 600 industry verticals, CrunchBase caters to entrepreneurs, investors, market researchers, sales professionals, job seekers, and more.

Key Features of CrunchBase

Search Function

CrunchBase Pro offers up to 38 search filters, enabling users to find specific companies that match their criteria. It simplifies account exploration and comparisons based on attributes such as company size, location, funding stage, and revenue range. Pro users can also reach out to decision-makers using prepared templates.

AI and Machine Learning Enrichment

CrunchBase combines AI machine learning with human verification to ensure data accuracy. AI identifies potential errors in data, which are then reviewed and corrected by a team of human reviewers.

CrunchBase's recommended emails keep users updated on the latest news and trends in the startup ecosystem. They facilitate the discovery of new companies and save time.

Users can track industry trends and set custom alerts to stay informed about market changes and updates. A dashboard provides insights into industry activity, funding raised, and news articles published.

Track Your Portfolio

Users can create and manage lists within CrunchBase to keep track of their portfolios, funding amounts, and more.

Insights and Analysis

CrunchBase offers insights and analysis on the startup ecosystem through blog posts, research reports, and data visualizations. This information aids investors in identifying emerging industries, assessing company potential, and understanding the startup market.

Active Community Contributors

CrunchBase encourages community contributions, allowing users to add or edit information on startups, funding rounds, and news articles. This collaborative effort enhances data reliability and fosters a sense of community.

CrunchBase Reviews


Three Things People Like About CrunchBase:

  1. Comprehensive Database

    • Users appreciate CrunchBase's extensive database of information on companies, investors, and startup activity.
    • It's lauded as a valuable resource for staying updated on market


  2. Easy-to-Use UI

    • The platform's clean and intuitive interface is praised for simplifying data access and navigation.
    • Effective search functionality with various criteria for company filtering is a plus.
  3. Extensive Search Filters

    • Users value the numerous filters available for building and mapping territories, aiding in discovering new companies.

Two Things People Dislike About CrunchBase:

  1. Outdated or Lacking Data

    • Some users report occasional errors or outdated data, such as funding history not reflecting the latest round or outdated employment statuses.
  2. Pricing

    • While CrunchBase offers many valuable features, some users find its pricing relatively higher, especially for advanced plans.

CrunchBase Pricing

CrunchBase offers various pricing plans, including:

  1. Starter: $29 per user per month (billed annually), suitable for individuals.

  2. Pro: $49 per user per month (billed annually), offering a full suite of prospecting tools, ideal for individuals and small teams.

  3. Enterprise: Custom pricing, scalable for large teams.

PitchBook vs. CrunchBase: A Detailed Breakdown

Target Users

PitchBook may be better suited for:

CrunchBase may be more suitable for:

Key Differentiators - Quick Summary

PitchBook's Key Distinguishing Features:

CrunchBase's Standout Features:


This detailed comparison aims to help you make an informed decision when choosing a market intelligence platform. It's essential to visit each platform's website for a deeper dive into features, benefits, and finer details.

However, if you seek a third option to stay ahead of market trends, consider Exploding Topics Pro. This platform leverages AI algorithms and human verification to identify emerging trends up to six months in advance. Priced at $99 per month, it provides insights into trends and companies on the rise, complementing your strategy alongside CrunchBase or PitchBook.

Make your investment decisions wisely, armed with the right market intelligence platform for your needs.

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