How to Find Trending Products On Amazon For Your Store


How to Find Trending Products On Amazon For Your Store

Using Product Research Tools

One of the easiest and most effective ways to find trending products on Amazon is to utilize a product research tool. A standout tool in this category is Exploding Topics, which offers a comprehensive database of trending products that you can filter by category and various other criteria. The tool provides valuable metrics like Best Seller Ranking (BSR), monthly sales, price, revenue, and average star ratings, helping you make informed decisions.

Unveiling the Power of BSR

Best Seller Ranking (BSR) is a critical metric that indicates a product's popularity and sales volume on Amazon. Lower BSR numbers signify higher sales rates, so products with lower BSRs generally perform better. Exploding Topics allows you to sort products by BSR groups, making it easier to identify potential winners.

Digging Deeper with Monthly Sales

Understanding a product's monthly sales is essential for gauging its market demand. Exploding Topics provides data on the average number of monthly sales for each product category, aiding in your decision-making process.

Pricing and Profitability

The average retail price of a product plays a crucial role in your profitability. Exploding Topics calculates this average based on all Amazon sellers offering the product, giving you insights into potential profit margins.

Reviews and Reputation

Product reviews provide a snapshot of customer satisfaction. Exploding Topics provides the average star rating based on Amazon reviews, helping you gauge product quality and reputation.

Long-Term Potential

Exploding Topics goes beyond the surface by offering historical search volume trends for each product keyword. A product with steady, long-term growth potential is more likely to secure your investment and deliver sustained profits.

Exploding Topics simplifies the process of tracking and analyzing trending products. You can save products of interest to your personal dashboard by clicking "Track Topic" and adding them to a project. This feature streamlines real-time monitoring without the hassle of maintaining spreadsheets.

Additionally, Exploding Topics presents related keywords for each product, helping you explore niche markets and discover hidden gems.

As you explore popular products, you'll often find that they belong to growing niches. For example, the product "retinol serum" may be part of a broader trend in antioxidant skincare. Identifying these niche trends can be a game-changer for your product selection strategy.

To simplify the process of discovering these growing niche trends, Exploding Topics offers the Meta Trends database. This resource lists rapidly growing niche trends, highlighting the top products and keywords within each trend. By uncovering these trends, you can expand your product offerings strategically.

Maximizing Product Bundling

Increasing your average order value (AOV) is a powerful way to boost profits without additional marketing costs. Once you've identified a promising product on Exploding Topics, take a closer look at what other products are frequently bought with it on Amazon.

For instance, if "Blue Lotus Tea" is a popular item, you might notice that customers frequently purchase two other types of tea alongside it. Creating bundles like these can enhance your sales and profitability.

Leveraging Competitor Insights

Successful competitors can be a goldmine of product ideas. Start by identifying your core competitors on Amazon. You can also use the Trends Database in Exploding Topics to discover competing brands in your chosen category. Analyzing the top-selling products and best-sellers on your competitors' websites can provide valuable insights into products with proven demand.

Amazon itself offers a suite of tools to help sellers identify trending products:

Movers and Shakers

This tool showcases products that have experienced the most significant sales ranking jumps in the past 24 hours. It's an excellent resource for dropshipping stores looking to quickly add hot products.

New Releases

This category highlights the highest-selling new products and future releases, helping you stay ahead of the curve.

Best Sellers

Amazon's Best Sellers ranks products based on both historical and hourly sales volume, providing insights into consistently popular items.

While these tools are beneficial for dropshippers, they may not be ideal for businesses developing their products, as trends may be short-lived.

Selecting Profitable Products

With a list of potential products in hand, it's time to narrow down your choices based on several criteria:

Brand Relevancy

Specialization can lead to higher profits, so consider focusing on a specific product category that aligns with your brand. Eliminate products that stray too far from your core offerings.

Long-Term Growth Potential

Analyze the historical search volume trends of product keywords to gauge future demand. Steady, upward trends are promising, while seasonal or recent spikes may indicate instability.

Profit Margin

Consider not only retail and wholesale prices but also shipping, marketing, and customer support costs. Higher-priced products may come with higher expenses, affecting your overall profit margins.

Start Your Product Hunt

In conclusion, finding profitable trending products on Amazon is a dynamic process that requires diligence and data-driven decision-making. By utilizing tools like Exploding Topics and Amazon's resources, you can stay ahead of the competition and maximize your e-commerce success.

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all solution, and the key to success is taking action. So, start your product hunt today, explore potential niches, and build a product lineup that resonates with your target audience and drives profitability. Happy selling!

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