8 Top Competitor Intelligence Tools (2023)

8 Top Competitor Intelligence Tools (2023)

Competitor Intelligence Tools: Unveiling the Secrets to Outperform Your Rivals

In today's fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead of your competition is paramount. Do you know what your competitors are doing right now to capture more of your market? You might think so—but unless you're viewing real data and even screenshots from their actions, you can't be totally sure. That's where competitor intelligence tools come into play. In this article, we'll explore eight top-notch competitor intelligence tools, each with its unique strengths, to help you gain a competitive edge.

Similarweb: Best For Competitor Overviews

When it comes to understanding your competitors' digital presence, Similarweb is your go-to tool. By entering a competitor's site into Similarweb, you'll uncover a wealth of information:

Similarweb is particularly valuable for evaluating your competitive landscape when your business is relatively new. You can even compare two of your competitors to each other. While Similarweb offers some free searches, deeper insights require a paid plan starting at $149 per month.

Wiser: Best For Competitor Price Tracking

Wiser is a competitive analysis tool tailored for companies selling products. Its features include:

Wiser's comprehensive suite is a must-have for businesses selling physical products, but it may not be suitable for service-based businesses. To get started with Wiser, you'll need to contact the company for a consultation and a price quote.

Exploding Topics: Best For Competitor Popularity Insights

To stay ahead in the competitive landscape, you need to keep an eye on trends. Exploding Topics helps you do just that. It listens to online conversations across various platforms and identifies trends, which are presented in easy-to-read graphs.

You can use Exploding Topics to:

Exploding Topics offers some free trend graphs and reports, but to access all features, including startup funding details, you'll need a paid plan, starting at just $39 per month.

Visualping: Best For Tracking Competitor Website Updates

Keeping tabs on your competitors' website changes is crucial. Visualping is a monitoring tool that sends you updates when a competitor alters their website.

Visualping can track changes in:

It can even perform actions on tracked pages, such as filling out a form. Visualping's free plan allows monitoring up to five web pages and 150 checks per month. Paid options start at $14 per month.

Milled: Best For Competitor Email Research

Milled is an email newsletter search engine that consumers use to find sales, deals, and coupon codes. However, businesses can also benefit by checking out their competitors' email campaigns.

Milled lets you search for specific brands or browse emails by category. With over 170,000 companies' emails in its database, it's a powerful tool for monitoring your competitors' advertising strategies.

Milled is completely free for competitor research.

Semrush: Best For Competitor SEO Insights

For SEO-focused competitive analysis, Semrush is a top choice. By entering a competitor's website into Semrush's organic research tool, you can access valuable information, including:

While Semrush offers limited free metrics, its full potential is unlocked with a paid plan starting at $129.95 per month.

Brandwatch: Best For Competitor Social Media Analysis

In the age of social media, understanding your competitors' social presence is crucial. Brandwatch is a social listening tool that helps you gather information about competitors' social media accounts.

With Brandwatch, you can:

Brandwatch offers various tools for brands with a strong social media presence. Pricing is available upon consultation.

Wappalyzer: Best For Competitor Tech Stack Insights

Understanding the technology your competitors use can give you a competitive advantage. Wappalyzer shows you the programs and plugins powering your competitors' websites.

You can use Wappalyzer to:

Wappalyzer offers free technology searches on 50 websites per month, with paid plans starting at $250 per month.


In the world of competitive intelligence, knowing what your competitors are up to can make all the difference. The best competitive intelligence tool for your company depends on your specific needs and industry. Whether you're just starting or looking to dive deeper, these tools will help you gather the data you need to outperform your rivals. Remember, it's not just about having the most features; it's about getting closer to the strategies that your competitors love. Stay ahead, stay competitive, and thrive in your market.

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